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Then There Were 5


Collin And Josh

Posted on November 13, 2021

Atlanta TrilogyPart 3Then There Were 5Remember our sensational time with the guy we brought back with us from the airport? Ian was on his way out to meeet his friends as planned, when he ran into Rick and Griff! They had overheard the 3 of us from the living room upstairs.. Whoops! Of course they weren't bothered, but they wanted to meeet the mysterious fellow that was entertaining their houseguests so well before they got the chance. We promptly said hello to Rick and Griff as well as introduced the handsome fellow. Ian was in a rush out to his Uber when Griff said, Pleasure to meeet you! And Rick chimed in, Don't be a stranger! We gave Rick and Griff big hugs, exchanged some less rushed hellos and caught up since last seeing each other. As you can imagine, we were pretty tired from our flight and our visitor. So we took it easy the rest of the night, got some much needed rest and planned to see them tomorrow. The next day when we were at breakfast with Rick and Griff, they asked us how we knew Ian and we told them, also explaining our funny situation running into him at the airport They complimented how handsome he was and suggested we invite him over for lunch the next day if he was still in town. So we did! The next day, we had joined Rick and Griff for the gym again, which just as enjoyable as the day before we were so horny again that we both had boners on the ride home in the Jeep Josh tapped me and pointed at his.. I rolled my eyes and just looked down at my own. We both laughed. Rick chuckled along with us and asked, What? We told him, turn around and flashed him our boners from under our gym shorts. He pleasantly surprised us when he suggested we pull them out saying, after all, these windows are tinted for a reason. So we did and as we stroked each others cocks in the back seat, Rick pulled his out and stroked it in the front seat while Griff drove us the rest of the way home. It was SO HOT watching each other stroking in the car Talk about a crazy good turn-on. We all put our dicks away before getting out and laughed about what just happened. We were walking up the stars to the living area and spanking the boys butts as we all walked up behind the other. We were expecting Ian for lunch but had some time before he was expected to arrive so we chose not to let our boners go to waste and instantly took our shorts and shirts off to finish off what we started in the Jeep As we had just begun to suck each other's cocks we heard our names from the stairs OMG, IAN WAS EARLY! He reached the top of the stairs to see us all fully naked and with raging hard boners He quickly said, OMG, I'm so sorry! Rick said, Don't be! I followed with Want to join us! His face lit up like a Christmas tree! I don't think I've ever seen clothes strip so fast. He was on his knees in moment's and the amazing experience that followed is one for the books for us. **Our Favorite Experience To Date!**Featuring: @ianholms59 and @rickandgriff



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